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  1. Crystal Blue
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Meghann Jordan (vocals, guitar)
Creston Spiers (bass and drums)

Written by Meghann Jordan. Produced/engineered by Mike Albanese of Espresso Machine Studios. Mastered by Joel Hastat.


See right through
The crystal blue
Eyes like water
Float above you
That I see you

Passing through just for a day or 2
It's not enough
But it'll have to do
Till you come back through

Oooooh !

Songs that stretch a million miles away
I thought that you would stay
But they took you
And they took me too
Falling from the sky like shooting stars
They dance around me
In the dark it's true
And I'd wait for you

Oooooh !

Sadly standing all alone
The sun comes up
I'm on my own
But I'll make it through
I always do

Oooooh !